Natural Lore Wisdom

This ever-evolving platform deeply honours the unique perspective that we bring, as a collective, allowing the spaciousness for the new to be heard, felt and embodied.

Be your own witness


Naturally Simple

Natural Lore is a holistic philosophy - an integrated approach to healing and wellness incorporating plant medicine, nutrition, lifestyle elements, inner work, and developing a Wellness attitude and response. Most importantly this is an opportunity to remember you are Nature itself, not disconnected from it nor above it and through this remembering lies a path for living transformation.

LivingĀ transformations
through The LoresĀ of Nature

Our mission is to engage in transformative communication in many areas and dimensions. By harnessing the life-enhancing potential of plant-medicine and honouring the synergy between humans and nature, the Lores of NatureĀ act as a powerful invitation to explore this for yourself.

Partners with Pioneers in Cannabis CareĀ 

Since 2012, we have been dedicated to the appropriate dispensation of full spectrum cannabis oils, providing life-changing care and support to those in need. Through the experience of working directly with clients, it became obvious from the beginning, that a unique and tailored approach for each individual was an essential foundation for a successful outcome.

In 2014, we founded the first Cannabis Care Clinic of its kind in Australia (in Newcastle NSW) and developed a professional clinical consultation process to ensure a truly wholistic and integrated approach to cannabis care was made available. Our Practitioner Certification program was established in 2019 to ensure those dedicated to working with plant-medicine gain the necessary skills and attributes to maintain optimum client care, whilst evolving and deepening within themselves.