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Natural Lore Practitioner Certification  


inspire optimal health

Nourish the relationship with your clients with a holistic nutritional cannabis consultation experience. Expand the offerings within your existing Practice or Clinic enabling access and guidance on full spectrum hand-crafted formulas 

& Client support.


join the family

Partner with to leverage our custom built platform, product range, distribution, and expert support.


Equip your Practice with the tools and wisdome garnered from over a decade of consultation, development and research in nutritional cannabis and plant medicine.


This truly unique offering incorporates access and use of a purpose built resource platform enabling a new way of client communication, value exchange, and supporting resources for direct transformation.

Our pioneering 12 module Natural Lore Practitioner Certification, was created to ensure that those dedicated to plant medicine gain highly beneficial attributes and skills, to assist those choosing cannabis for their optimum health and well-being.

The course was formulated over 10 years, recognised by the distinct need for well qualified, compassionate and dedicated practitioners to join in a professional collaborative field of plant medicine. In this field, the collective knowledge, support and inspiration is shared for the benefit of Clients, Practitioners and the community as a whole.

 For the presenters this is our ultimate duty of care and is the culmination of more than 30 years work in the field of Cannabis health and wellness.

Natural Lore Associate Inclusions 

  • Comprehensive 12 module Course package (Certification)
  • Personalised orientation with Nikki Freeburn
  • 24 day Deepening program experience
  • Module webinars, Dynamic Learning Collective group chat, and practitioner led training support.
  • Access to exclusive resources for Practitioner and Clients
  • Ongoing support within the Associate Collective
  • Access to Practitioner Only whole plant, full spectrum Formulas
  • Use of online shop facility and distribution ‚Äď tailored to suit
  • Customised client data communication and collection structure within
  • Affiliate-based sustainable platform to facilitate a return on your investment

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Enrich your client experience

The main focus of this course is education and awareness in the function of the primary Endocannabinoid System in humans, and the relationship between this regulatory system and the cannabis plant. Those who successfully complete the course will be confident and capable in recommending and supporting appropriate cannabis protocols to suit the individual needs of the client.

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This Certification recognises and acknowledges a high standard of practitioner-ship on many levels including personal attributes, client care philosophy, applied education, collaborative abilities and a dedication to a life of learning.  


Become a Certified Natural Lore Practitioner enabling you to consult on Cannabis Client Care


12 Modules of Dynamic  Learning

Covering a comprehensive range of topics, the course content takes a holistic approach to Cannabis Client Care. This training represents a culmination of both information and experience from over a decade of consultation, research and development. 

  • Online 12 modules including video presentations and written information. Each Module includes an Assessment task¬†

  • Unique 24 Day Programme creating an opportunity for you to have your own experience with unique cannabinoid formulas and herbal teas created by Natural Lore Wellness¬†

  • Regular support and interactive online sessions with a variety of facilitators.¬†

  • Access to a private group platform at which will be interactive, contain further detailed educational and support material, and the opportunity to directly share information and case studies with other members of the Dynamic Learning / Training community.¬†

Course Presenters and Educators are Nikki Freeburn, BJ Futter, Dr Andrew Katelaris, and Emma Cohen RN.

Module 1.

Wellness Philosophy

Element of Bliss
  • Natural Lore Philosophy ‚Äď You are nature itself, not separate from it
  • 12 Natural Lores overview
  • Integration into daily life
  • Teas, Essences and foundations of High Frequency Cannabis formulations
  • Innate Intelligence


Module 2.

Plant Medicine

Element of Release
  • What is a Teacher Plant
  • The history of Cannabis
  • Innate Wisdom
  • Physical and Emotional Effects of Cannabis
  • Products and Formulas
  • Legalities



Module 3.


Element of Harmony
  • What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
  • The Entourage Effect
  • Cannabinoids and Terpenes
  • Homeostasis¬†

Module 4.

Oil and Formula Making

Element of Restore

Presented by BJ Futter

  • Overview of Formula Making
  • Whole Plant v‚Äôs Isolates
  • Medical Cannabis explained
  • Cannabis Strains
  • Effects of using Cannabis Oils
  • Extraction Methods¬†
  • Cannabinoid Structures

Module 5.


Element of Balance
  • What is Nutrition really?
  • What we are not taught at school
  • Relevance and Importance
  • Gut Health
  • CannaNutrients

Module 6

In-House Products

Element of Flow
  • Cannabis Food Concentrates explained
  • Introduction to Healing Herbs
  • Hemp
  • Body Products and Supplement
  • Contraindications
  • Product Distribution

Module 7.

Medical Terminology

Element of Clarity

Presented by Dr Andrew Katelaris

  • Medical Terminology made easy
  • Understanding Cancer
  • The Right Practitioner Attitude
  • An Essential Holistic Approach
  • Why is Whole Plant Cannabis Superior to Isolates
  • A message from Dr Katelaris

Module 8.

Client Communication 

Element of Creativity
  • Formal Relationship with Client
  • Methodology
  • Standardised Information Processing
  • Research Parameters
  • Rationale of Recommendations
  • Client Feedback and Testimonies

Module 9.

Consultation Process

Element of Rhythm
  • Initial Contact
  • Preparation Prior to Consultation
  • The Consultation
  • Post Consultation
  • The Client
  • Role Play Assessment
  • Cannabis and Dying

Module 10.

Protocol Criteria

Element of Purity
  • Which Protocol and Why
  • Standardisation
  • Initial Protocol Assessment
  • Resources Available
  • Case Studies

Module 11.

Sustainability Platform

Element of Vitality
  • What is Sustainablity
  • Introducing the Principles of Permaculture
  • Internal Sustainability Structure
  • Sovereignty

Module 12.

Self Care

Element of Unity
  • Importance and Relevance
  • Reflection
  • Inner work
  • Importance to the Client
  • Signs of Burnout
  • Transference and Transmution
  • The Traps

The Role of a Natural Lore Practitioner

To have an innate calling to participate in a new paradigm aligned to preserving the natural world and all that it contains and represents.
To ensure continued Client Care is of the highest quality and duty of care is paramount within the framework of Practitioner responsibility and Client responsibility.
To have substantial/recognised experience with holistic health & wellness care or an extreme personal desire to learn and integrate this into existing skills and experience.
To undertake learning outcomes and assessment benchmarks to remain accountable for maintaining optimum client care and contribute information for the greater/shared learning
To be informed and inspired by continual learning through direct experience with clients’ process and shared information with fellow practitioners
Practitioners are not required to have Medical, Science or other standard Qualifications however if these skills are available then these can be positively utilised for individual client care protocols, and also to assist other Practitioners with that particular skill or vocation.


Certification - Benchmark 6 point Verification

  • Successful completion of each of the 12 Module Assessment tasks
  • Peer review
  • Participation in real time case studies
  • Minimum hours of supported consultation time with an existing Clinic or Practitioner
  • Client feedback
  • Participation in group discussion and interactive forums

Upon successful completion of the Modules, a Natural Lore Certificate will be issued and access to as a Certified Practitioner and Associate, will be provided.

Expression of Interest

This course is by invitation or expression of interest only, and considers natural and learnt attributes, skills and qualities that ensure a high standard of client care is maintained and improved upon. 

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