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Natural Lore Practitioner Certification

Expand your offerings full spectrum! Become a Certified Natural Lore Practitioner - Cannabis Care Specialist. Assist your clients' transformation utilising wisdom garnered from over a decade of client consultations, research and the natural evolution of plant medicine protocols and client care.

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Stay Your Course

Navigating your optimum health choices on a day-to-day basis can be challenging for most. In our experience a life raft full of supportive materials can be very handy, even just knowing there is one available, is often reassuring.

This 12-month Stay Your Course experience is a companion guide in managing and sustaining the most optimum protocol for your current health and wellness needs.  You just need to take the wheel, we will supply the sails, rudder and anchor ;-)

Stay; "a support, prop, brace, something that steadies something else."

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So you think you know Cannabis?

Elevate your health by deepening your relationship with Cannabis. Take a guided tour of your Endocannabinoid System and learn how cannabis can enhance in your wellness routine.

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