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Monthly tips, tricks and slip-knots for smooth sailing through your health goals.

  • Join with a like-minded crew
  • Monthly interactive webinars
  • Beautiful companion journal delivered monthly
  • Access to further resources
  • $120 per year or $15 per month

For many of us temptation, the pull of old habits, feelings of being isolated “on the journey”, are a number of many reasons why we wander off course and get a bit lost at times.

Now - you take the wheel, and we supply the sails, rudder and anchor. BE the captain of your own vessel and Stay Your Course. 

At Natural Lore Wisdom, we are here to sail, dive or dock with you.

Lesson 1: "the slip knot is a stopper knot that may be spilled or slipped instantly by pulling on the end to withdraw a loop."

Great analogy for poor habits, built on patterns and conditions. They feel and are very stubborn and appear to hold on tightly, until when one pulls the right corner - the whole knot completely disappears, with only the rope remaining. The only question then is "what new use for this rope is there? Or do I no longer need it at all?"

Guided Support

Our course offers a structured, step-by-step approach to help you stay on track with your Cannabis protocols.

Expert Knowledge

Learn from industry experts to understand the intricacies of Cannabis protocols and how to effectively implement them.

Continuous Learning

With 12 months of support, you'll have ample time to absorb, apply, and refine your knowledge.

What's Included in Stay Your Course:


🌿 Interactive Monthly Webinars: Facilitated by a Natural Lore Certified Practitioner, each session includes a Q&A element to address your queries and celebrate your successes. The webinar will cover a new topic each month, aiming to deepen and broaden the path of a holistic and integrated approach to optimum health with plant medicine.

📖 Monthly E-book Journal: Receive a beautifully crafted e-book journal one month at a time. Filled with inspiring quotes, tips for the month, and a Natural Element to explore. Complement your journey with our exquisite range of uniquely crafted teas, available for purchase separately.

🔍 Access to Resources: Dive deep into the realms of your Endocannabinoid System and understand the natural connection with the cannabis plant through our extensive resources. Gain knowledge at your pace and convenience.

🌿 Personalised Support: Our qualified Cannabis Practitioners are just a message away. Whether you need guidance, have specific health concerns, or seek a more personalised approach, our Consultation process ensures tailored support to suit your unique needs.

Invest in Your Health for Just $120 a Year or $15 a Month

Your health is priceless.

This Stay Your Course programme supports your goals and provides tools and activities to integrate into your daily routine.  The very action of joining a monthly call, utilising the journal and investing the right energy into healing, empowers you to stay on course with your Cannabis or general health protocols. Don't let temptation or isolation hinder your progress – let Hold Your Course be your guide.

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